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Technical Animator


We look for a technical animator to join the development of the Sci-Fi MMO game in a seamless universe with shooting elements and three avatars: characters, spaceships and ground vehicles. Emphasis on movement and quests. Remote work and flexible work hours.


The work involves the following:

  1. Animations retargeting;

  2. Correction of animation noise / contacts errors / aesthetical inaccuracies;

  3. Technical correction of animations: bringing into pose, cropping of animation tracks, animations blending, adjustment of positions by the coordinates;

  4. Adjustment of constraints.

Animations are being recorded with motion capture system Perception Neuron Studio.


  1. Knowledge and understanding of 12 animation principles;

  2. Experience in MotionBuilder / Maya (or any equivalent);

  3. Experience in rigging and skinning;

  4. Experience in animation curves;

  5. Experience in Unity would be an advantage.


Process the animation in attached .zip archive so that it could be used in the game: remove displacement of leaning limbs and redundant movements of other constraints. The results should be a proper .fbx file.

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