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Sci-Fi MMO game in a seamless universe with an emphasis on travel, exploration and quests



Seamlessly travel across the entire star system with no distance and speed limits between planets, orbital stations and industrial facilities with no distance and speed limits


Upgrade your equipment and vehicles, group up with other players, board a space carrier and prepare for a massive orbital airdrop


Make allies with different factions, local inhabitants and other players, and complete various quests and story missions, both solo and co-op

  • What is Instarion?
    Sci-Fi multiplayer game in a seamless universe with an emphasis on travel, exploration and quests. Everyone is welcome to try it out during an open Playtest. Multiplayer, both PvE and PvP (by choice) Seamless star system with no loadings at all Three avatars: character, spaceships, ground vehicles (can contain each other, full interiors) Quests, including multiplayer ones
  • When is release?
    Currently we’re aiming at late 2024 — early 2025. Until that time everyone is welcome to join an open Playtest.
  • What are system requirements?
    Graphics Nvidia 1060 (6 GB): FullHD, ~30-40 FPS Nvidia 3080 (12 GB): 2K, ~100-110 FPS Nvidia 4090 (HZ GB): 4K, ~150 FPS Other Memory: 8 GB RAM Storage: 6 GB available space

Welcome Aboard!

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